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Practical Information

  • Wifi

    A 4G modem on the furniture in the saloon (the main room of the boat).

    The amount of data available is limited to 200GB per month (renewed every 16th of the month).

    So please think about future visitors and use it wisely for your useful research. ;)

    To quickly connect from a smartphone, you can scan the QRCode in the images below or enter the password shown below.

    • Network name: My Wifi
    • Password: complicated_password-10394

  • Bicycles

    2 bicycles are at your disposal for your stay:

    • one with a female frame
    • one with a man frame

    They are attached to the sides of the boat with light padlocks, the keys of which you will find in the bedroom at the entrance.

    You will find stronger chains in the cupboards behind the cockpit if you want to attach the bike in the city center for example.

  • Public Transportation

    Here you can give practical information for local public transportation in your city.