• Housework

    All cleaning products are ecological, so as not to pollute the harbor waters. We buy them in bulk by refilling the cans, so don't throw away empty cans! Thank you ;)

    If needed, everything needed for cleaning is in the cupboard behind the cockpit.

    Unfortunately, Bordeaux Harbor does not yet offer selective sorting, so you can put everything in the same bin.

  • Trash cans

    All-round skips are available on the quay. These are often moved but they are usually found in front of the entrance to one of the pontoons.

  • Wash you laundry

    A washer-dryer is located under the counter to the right of the sink. Be careful not to overload the machine and instead make 2 machines if necessary.

    If you wash laundry that does not go in the dryer, you can hang it out on the clothes horse in the bedroom at the entrance (see photos).

    Clothespins and a clothes rack are in the drawers of the bed.

  • Dehumidifier

    Depending on the season or sometimes when you are cooking, humidity can be high on the boat and mist can accumulate on the windows (single glazing). To overcome this problem, you can use the dehumidifier located in the entrance bedroom, behind the bench.