• Shower

    Both bathrooms have a shower, and we usually we recommend that you first use the shower in the master bedroom, which is more spacious and practical.

    Yet at the moment the drain pump for this bathroom broke down and we have to get it fixed, so please use the smaller bathroom.

    1. Pull the shower curtain so that the toilet and cabinet are well protected.
    2. After the shower or durring if the water collection tray starts to be full, activate the drain pump (white switch on the bathroom cabinet).
    3. The noise changes drastically when the tank is empty but if in doubt you can also check the bow of the boat on the cockpit side if the water continues to flow.

    In the cupboards you will find hairdryer and toilet paper.

    If you want to use the shower in the small bathroom, consider reinstalling the shower curtain, which is in the cupboard under the sink.

  • Toilets

    To flush the toilet, activate the pump located next to the toilet.

    You must press the pedal located under the toilet bowl to open the escape hatch (in the small bathroom you must also lift the pedal manually to close the valve).