• Access to water


    On a boat, the water pressure is managed by a pump located in the bilge, which is activated regularly to restore pressure in the pipes. When you notice a drop in pressure (in the shower or the kitchen), leave the faucet on and the pump will eventually activate.

    Under-sink filter

    In the kitchen, an under-sink filter is installed as a precaution to ensure that all impurities in the water tank are filtered out. Even if the water in the tank is entirely drinkable, we recommend that you fill your water bottles in the kitchen.

    For the same reason, you will find that the pressure can be reduced a little (or even a lot) when there is not enough pressure in the pipes. In this case, let the water run and at some point you should hear the pressure pump activate and gradually the flow will improve.

    Warning: This can also have an impact on the temperature of the water when you do the dishes, so be careful not to burn yourself!

  • Noises

    During the first few days, it is not unusual to ask yourself a lot of questions about the noises you can hear. So here is a list of noises that you are likely to hear and their meanings.

    • Recurring noises coming from the ground in the saloon: this is the water pressure pump, as explained in the previous section
    • Noise (lighter) from the kitchen floor: this is the bilge pump, which evacuates water that may enter the bilge. It is activated automatically when a certain level is reached. This happens more frequently when it rains a lot (and that's normal :)
    • In the master bedroom, during the night, you will surely hear some noise when the boat is moving, it is generally the moorings which are stretched by the movements of the boat.

  • Switches position

    In the event of a problem (no more water for example), always start by checking that all the buttons, levers and lights are correctly positioned as in the photos below:

    • Controllers in the first bathroom
    • Cockpit
    • Under the counter in the kitchen
  • I have no more water !

    Start by checking the position of the switches, especially the cockpit dashboard. You may have accidentally turned off the pressure pump :)

    If after checking the position of all the switches you still have no water, the tank may be empty.

    This is usually filled before your arrival and it holds 680L of water, which can last up to 1 week depending on the number of showers and washing machines you do.

    If you need to fill it out, here is an explanatory video:

  • I do not have electricity!

    As for the water, start by checking the position of the switches :)

    The electricity supply terminal can only provide 3kW of power (ie half the average in a "classic" home).

    If you use too many electrical appliances at the same time (all heaters + the washing machine for example), the power may therefore go out. In this case, switch off at least 1 or 2 appliances, or lower their power (for the heaters in particular), then check the following elements:

    • Circuit breaker accessible on the white connection terminal directly on the pontoon.
    • As the boat is constantly moving, it is also possible that the plug is not properly connected to the terminal. Manually check that the electric cable is correctly plugged into socket n ° 1 of the terminal and on the left side of the boat.
    • Electrical circuit breaker located in the entrance bedroom, behind the wine case on the wall. To access it, push the wine box upwards.