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When you arrive

Collect the keys

Access to the pontoons is secured by a badge, so you will need a badge to access them.

The badge - to keep with you when you go out - is in a key box hung to the right of the entrance to the pontoon, on the structure to hang the bikes (see photo)

  • Code: 1234

The boat key is in a second key box located on the boat, to the right of the front door.

  • Code: 1234

Storage for your luggage

You can store your cabin baggage in the main area, under the raised bench (photo 2).

Larger luggage can be stored under the bed in the master bedroom.

Secondary bedroom bed

The pillows and duvets are in the second and third drawers.

Do not forget the mattress pad which serves as a small "mattress topper" to unify the two mattresses.

You can put your things in the first drawer of the bed.

If you need the second bed, the photos below explain how to unfold it.