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Prepare your stay

What do we provide?

Basically, we provide:

  • tea and coffee
  • ecological shower gel
  • hair dryer
  • ecological laundry
  • ecological household products,
  • quilts

Of course, you will be able to use your shampoo / soap, but since the waste water is sent directly into the water without treatment, it is best if it is environmentally friendly.

Our products are purchased in bulk, so please do not throw away the bottles if at any point you finish one of the products.

Are you staying with us for at least 2 nights?

In this case we also provide:

  • Sheets / duvet covers
  • Bath towels

Are you staying just one night?

Although this is not ideal for us from a practical point of view, we will try to provide you with bed linen and towels as well.

In some cases, however, you may be asked to bring your own bed linen and towels to facilitate "logistics", especially during periods of continuous reservations.

If we haven't talked about it before finalizing the exchange, don't hesitate to contact us to ask us the question.

To allow as many people as possible to enjoy the accommodation, regarding the management of sheets we generally ask our guests to run a sheets + towels machine during their stay to ensure that there are always enough linens for the guests next.

Is the water drinkable ?

Yes ! No need to worry, the water on the boat is drinkable :)


There is a large choice for parking.

Free parking

In general, free parking spaces are available along the quays and its access is free (no badge needed)

If you cannot find a place, there are other free parking possibilities in the area.

Covered and secure parking (paid)

There are 2 covered and secure car parks near the boat if you prefer