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Why Cozylist?

can be hard

Hosting guests is great, but good communication with them is one of the hardest part.

  • It takes a lot of your time, time you'd rather use doing something else
  • You keep repeating yourself with every new guest
  • And from one guest to another you're likely to forget to tell things

The solution

Create a smart guidebook

Anticipate your guests questions and save a lot of time with text, photo and even videos if necessary.

  • Add instructions to help them prepare for their stay, checkin and to guide them on things to do before their stay ends
  • Guide them through what makes your home special and what is worth knowing when staying at your place
  • Then add some suggestions about things to do around your house so they enjoy their stay even more, like where to go for groceries, where to eat, where to drink etc...

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Add upcoming guests

Tell us their first name, stay dates, and the guidebook they'll need during their stay

  • For each guests, you get secure link giving them access to your guidebook before and while they stay at your place
  • Your guests can export your guide as a PDF, or print an eco-friendly version
  • You can subscribe to a custom calendar to add guest events to your agenda automatically as you create them

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