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A Special thank you! đŸ‘

The web wouldn't be what it is without "open source" work from lots of developers, designers and photographers! Well it's also true for Cozylist!

To open source

This app wouldn't exist without these incredible open source projects and all their contributors.

  • - Laravel, the PHP framework and its great ecosystem which enable developers to create fast and powerfull apps in minutes.
  • - TailwindCSS, the utility-first framework which simplifies rapid UI development.
  • - Liwewire, which empowers developers to create reactive UIs while using Laravel's power.
  • - AlpineJS, the JS micro-framework to add powerfull interactions without having to use jQuery, Angular or React.
  • - Spatie, that contributes in a big way with their open source packages, particularly for their packages eloquent-sortable, laravel-backup, laravel-cookie-consent and laravel-honeypot, laravel-medialibrary.
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To designers and photographers

Pixeltrue, is an on-demand design agency that also gives access to free and paid illustrations. Unsplash, gives access to free beautiful high-resolution photo. Thanks specifically to these photographers:

Erol Ahmed, Mick Haupt, Marissa Cristina, Wes Hicks, Sophia Kunkel, Brina Blum, Karsten Winegeart, Tyler Casey, NeONBRAND.

And to the indie maker community

Thanks to all indie developers who share their experience on social networks, particularly:

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