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Hello, my name is Jon

I've been coding for the last 10 year for several companies but lately I decided to join the "indie maker" movement and try to make apps that solves my everyday problems, and hopefully help others!

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Why  I built Cozylist

As a developer, I can work from virtually anywhere, and with my girlfriend being free to move to, we move a lot (around Europe mainly).

To find a place to stay when we're away, we put our home - a lovely boat in Bordeaux, France - on HomeExchange, to be able to stay at other people's place.

We quickly realized that communication with guests is hard, particularly when you're away. It took us a lot of time, we kept repeating ourselves for each new guest, and often forgot to tell some things (living on a boat means there are lots of things to tell...).

Enters Cozylist, a way to centralize the knowledge about our home, make our lives and our guests experience better, and in the end just enjoy what we love in home exchanges !

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